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Facts about DSL Broadband

IDOMail provides Internet Access for DSL Broadband. If you are looking to upgrade from Dial Up, or want DSL, but a local internet provider, call us today. We'll be more than happy to start the process of setting you up with access today! If you are already a Qwest Customer and looking to change your ISP's, double check your existing contract and make sure you will not have any termination fees before signing up with IDO.
IDO DSL Bandwidth Connection   Qwest Fees
  • 1.5mg -7mb Bandwidth
  • 7 day LIVE technical support
  • Easy Set Up Instructions
IDO Bandwidth 1.5mg  = 29.95/mo.
IDO Bandwidth
3-7mb = $49.95/mo.
  Line Share: means that you have a Qwest phone line already installed at your home or office. The Line Share is a digital enhancement fee to make your line DSL Capable.
Stand Alone:
means you do not have a
Qwest phone line. or you don't have a phone hook up.
1.5mg Sign Up Bundle   1.5mg Sign Up Bundle
DSL Modem Fees: Choose between a broadband and broadband with wireless access.

Broadband Modem
Broadband/Wireless Modem
One Time Shipping Fee:
  Qwest Bills will be separate of IDO's Billing activation.

Line Share/Stand Alone = $9.95

Residential Broadband Line Fees
Stand Alone
1.5mb 3-7mb
33.00 43.00
Business Broadband Line Fees
Line Share Stand Alone
1.5mb 3-7mb 1.5mb 3-7mb
37.50 56.25 42.50 61.25
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